About Us

NE1 Creative was founded in 2013 by a group of developers, designers and digital marketers. We started off supplying project management and support services for a large management consultancy providing services for several Fortune 1000 businesses in the United States, leading companies in the UK and numerous SME’s worldwide.

Our goal was to build a company that could offer a wide range of digital services and experience under 1 roof.
A common problem we found was businesses unable to reach their potential either because of relying on 1 agency or member of staff to provide digital services to their company resulting in deficiencies and missed opportunity or corporate business relying on multiple vendors with little cohesion between service providers.

Our team has experience stretching back to 1999 in digital marketing, website design and development. Our newest members bring mobile development and social media skills to the team.

Our Vision

Our goals are to provide a full range of quality digital services with departments that can work individually or together to leverage opportunities for our clients. We believe in ROI driven services and a no compromise approach.

360° Service

We provide a full range of digital and consultancy services to plan, build, test, marketing, support and sell including:

  • Business consultancy
  • Market research
  • Technical panning
  • Design & User interface design
  • Development – Multiple platforms
  • Digital marketing
  • Customer support
  • Sales support
  • Database management


Our technical, design and marketing team is scalable and capable of handling small and large tasks alike, from small websites through to complex application development.

Customer services and sales support services are provided by our partners and range from 1 desk to 300 maximum capacity. We are able to provide full voice and digital services.

The Present

Our current head office is located in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The Future

We look forward to opening new offices in the United States in mid 2015, expanding our services globally and continuing to grow our team to provide the most cutting edge services.