Test Your Mobile Friendliness

Test How Mobile Friendly Your Website Is

Having a mobile friendly responsive website should now be part of any new website design and if your website has not been developed to perform well on mobile phones, tablets & other devices then now is the time. We have discussed why to make your website mobile friendly and responsive in another blog post and infographic┬ábut the main reasons are that 50% of search traffic now comes from mobile, desktop has now been overtaken as the top source of web traffic and Google just announce in their “mobilegeddon” update that website managers should go responsive or get dropped in mobile search.

So How to Test If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly?

Here are some ways you can do it:

  1. Look at the site on a mobile, tablet and desktop. The more devices and screen sizes the better.
  2. Google’s Mobile Friendliness tool. This will give you a simple yes / no answer based on what Google “see’s”. Whilst this is useful information it may not always represent what a user see’s and how usable a website is on various devices. But if you want to know whether Google is going to give you a better position in mobile search then there lies your answer.
  3. Use our Responsive test tool. Add your web address and select the device size you want to view it on. The page will resize showing you what it looks like on that device.

For more information on how to make your website mobile friendly & responsive then contact us. We can give you an estimate on times and costs.