Contact Services

Great Products & Services Require Great Sales & Support

Want a service that includes Live Chat, Inbound & Outbound Voice, Email, Ticket & Social Media 24/7 with Analysis & Reports?

We provide contact services for Digital Businesses. Our Managed Service can plugin to any website & includes: Voice, Live Chat, Social Media, Email & Ticket Support and Sales.

Live Chat

Reduces loss of sales at cart

Take cards over chat (the only service to offer this)

Customer support

Social Media

Monitor Social Media

Lead Generation

Brand Watch

Customer Support & Engagement

Email & Ticket Support

Sales & Support




Inbound calls

Outbound calls

Detailed tracking

Digital integration

Worldwide – low cost

Proven results

Database Management

All Channels in 1 database

Database development

Sales growth

Improved customer relations

Safe Harbor & PCI compliant

Our managed contact centre service gives is a powerful sales & customer services platform.
Give your business the human touch with fast, 24/7 customer support & sales services.
Contact us to request an opportunity audit to see how we bring significant sales growth to your business.