Contact Centre

Contact Centre Services

Successful digital business requires multi-channel sales & support. 58% of people now interact with a brand via social media, customers have increasingly higher expectations for email and social media response, whilst live chat & voice are essential for converting sales and providing quality customer support.

We offer integrated voice & digital customer service solutions using our customer relationship management software (CRM) which manages data from all sources, ensuring the highest quality of data.

We have contact centre teams both onshore and offshore capable of providing round the clock coverage, exceptional value sales and customer support services across all channels.

contact centre services for digital business

live chat

Live Chat

Everybody loves instant customer service! For ecommerce websites and businesses that require rapid customer support, live chat is often the first port of call. Up to 70% of customers typically abandon their purchase at the final stage of payment, live chat has been proven to recapture 30% of that business.

We provide live chat support on demand using the latest technology to ensure fast, efficient service, mobile phone support and on only live support service that can take credit cards securely.

Our software is fully customisable including multiple chats, operators, transfers, departments, click-to-call-back, secure live chat payment, live site monitor and reporting. It works on social media, all major content management systems and any device.

Voice Services

We provide inbound and outbound voice services offering customer support and sales services. Our team has over 10 years experience providing digital product support services including;

  • Inbound & outbound sales
  • Surveys, re-qualifications and subscriptions
  • Data append and verification
  • Promotions
  • Customer services & support

ticket support

Ticket & Email Support

Quality timely email & ticket response is essential for sales maximisation and customer support. Our Software integrates with all major content management systems and includes a wealth of features including help topics, transfers, agent management, auto-response & database integration.

database management

Database Management

Quality database development and management provides the bedrock for business growth, diversification and excellent customer relations. Our contact services are data focused ensuring maintenance to the highest standards, securely and in adherence to global privacy standards.

Our customer relations management (CRM) tools provide a powerful means to manage, grow and utilise your data. A consultant is always on hand to ensure that you will not miss an opportunity to grow business with proactive data management.

business growth

We Can Help Grow Your Business Now

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